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"Stop Human Trafficking In New England" (SHINE) is a committee of individuals from Evangel Assembly in Wilbraham MA. We are committed to stopping this atrocity by bringing awareness to our community, along with rescue & transfromation to victims of human trafficking. Our 5K run/walk is designed to bring awareness to this problem and help you learn more about the atrocities of human trafficking.


Shine's mission is to stop human trafficking by raising awareness about the problem and bringing transformation to victims by partnering with organizations involved in fighting human trafficking.

Sponsor: Evangel Assembly

"Here to Serve." This has been the motto of Evangel Assembly since it began meeting in Wilbraham in January of 1996. Our Lead Pastor (the founding Pastor) and those that shared the vision of what Evangel could be, determined for the church to be a place that made it easy for people to serve God through worship, serve one another in meaningful relationships, and serve our community and world through acts of love and compassion. We are far from perfect. We are ordinary people who want to connect with God, and make a difference. So, anyone is welcome! Come just as you are! Together, we believe, we can better connect to God, one another, and serve in ways that really matter. Most importantly, as we do these things, we will change for the better! You are welcome at Evangel!


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Sponsor: The Q 99.7 FM


The purpose of the Q 99.7 is to provide a message of hope and encouragement to people of the Pioneer Valley and Northern Connecticut. More than 400,000 people can receive our signal!

Our mission is to deliver a message of hope to our community through uplifting music and DJ's that connect.  We want to encourage people in their walk of faith, while introducing Jesus in a relevant way to those who don't know Him.

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Sponsor: Freedom Café


The Freedom Café is a coffee shop at UMass serving amazing coffee that is Direct Trade.  They offer students an opportunity to make a life changing impact in the lives of victims and young girls at risk of being trafficked. Proceeds from the Freedom Café are used to start international vocational centers for victims of human trafficking where they can receive education and training for various careers.   The Freedom Café is also committed to educating student organizations at UMass and in the 5 college area about human trafficking by developing a comprehensive education program.


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Local Partner: Route One Ministry


Route One ministers to women exploited by the sex industry in the Greater Boston and Springfield areas and beyond. They build relationships with the women and hope to be the light of Christ by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Providing for their physical and emotional needs might include helping them leave the sex industry and securing employment.

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International Partner: Brave Global

BRAVE intentionally reaches vulnerable girls (foster care/probation/sexual abuse/divorce).

BRAVE sees empowerment as the GOAL. We want girls to be strong and free.

BRAVE celebrates diversity—all colors, shapes & sizes!

BRAVE connects the community and the local church to work together.

BRAVE believes girls are the solution not the problem.

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